Structure of Seanad abolition opinion flow

 CiviQ is running a study on main perspectives underlying the flow of natural opinion on the Seanad abolition issue. Every day there are streams of opinions on the radio, in the newspapers, on discussion fora, blogs, on TV. Wouldn't it be useful to be able to see structure in these opinions, the five or six main coherent perspectives that underlie the debate. This is what the study aims to do. You can take part just by completing this online sorting exercise.We have collected over 200 opinions of which 43 are a summary. In the sorting exercise you are asked to evaluate everyone's opinion, including those you don't agree with in terms of how similar it is to your opinion or how different. If we're missing an opinion in the study, you can add it here.We will post results here this week. You will see how each opinion 'sits' in each perspective. You can view and join in the study here.