Kilkenny Central Access Scheme

We are compiling an opinion stream around the Kilkenny Central Access scheme (CAS) in advance of an analysis of the structure of opinion around the scheme. 
You can see the  opinion stream here.
If your opinion on CAS is not represented within this stream, please email it to cas (at)      (replace (at) with @).
Each opinion should be stated as a one sentence. Sentences will be tagged based on their theme so that they can be compared with others who have made similar statements (either negative or positive).
If you have a comment on the way your opinion was tagged, dated, posted etc, please mail us directly at cas  (at) (replace  (at)  with @).
You may also submit your opinion by post to CiviQ, NDRC Launchpad, The Digitial Hub, Crane St., Dublin 8.
Over the coming days we will be starting to engage stakeholders in ranking a condensed set of the most different opinions, with respect to how close these opinions are to their point of view. From different ranking patterns we will be able to identify the main perspectives on the Central Access Scheme, most different opinions and those that indicate areas of consensus. Updates will be posted here shortly.
Thanks from the team at CiviQ.