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Ugly CAS bridge makes no sense from tourism, traffic, economic, heritage or ecological point of view. I can see no reason for building this travesty.
It's regretful that a small number of people have cost the city hundreds of thousands of Euros by thinking they can ignore [this] due process.
Kilkenny doesn't need saving. Our Public Funding does.
At the end of the day if the people of Kilkenny had been given a chance to vote for or against the CAS it would have saved all this conflict.But we weren't given a choice.
We all want what's best for Kilkenny and at the end of the day, we are all members of the one community.
This conflict will end, people will change but let's not our community be lost.
CAS [facilitates] safe and uncongested traffic, not only for those working and making deliveries into the city, but also those travelling to and from local schools and St Lukes Hospital/.
The Central Access Scheme will have adequate space for all emergency services to cross the city in a safe and efficient manner.
Finish the ring road. Respect the historical surroundings. Listen to the people.
[The CAS] is going to be continuing dean street where there is always traffic. I cannot see how it will cut the city in two.
There is lots of mis information about CAS
Im [in favour of the CAS] looking at this issue not so much for myself but more for the future of my children - its about the economic future of Kilkenny.
People need to get into the town and if they cannot easily , they will park and shop at the edge of town.
Some other ideas are to reduce the amount of traffic, but does this work in reality?
For the Diageo site you ‘have’ to put in infrastructure, its unavoidable
Traffic is not going to ease with an inner relief road..Freshford road traffic still has to land at greens bridge and then will meet the inner relief road traffic on castlecomer road. Makes more sense to sort the ring out ...
Even if we can't afford the ring road just yet, I'd rather we waited until we can. We are custodians to this great city, don't have our legacy be this awful through road
This runs completely contrary to any notion of Sustainable Development, a principle that our government signed up to.
This is a regressive step in urban planning. Cities all over the world are getting rid of the menace of cars and creating liveable streets.
This C.A.S. only increases dependability on cars, increses public danger and limits public transport and cycling choices. It should not be even on the table for consideration in the 21st century


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