Kilkenny Central Access Scheme - most diverse opinions

[The CAS] is going to be continuing dean street where there is always traffic. I cannot see how it will cut the city in two.
Im [in favour of the CAS] looking at this issue not so much for myself but more for the future of my children - its about the economic future of Kilkenny.
People need to get into the town and if they cannot easily , they will park and shop at the edge of town.
Some other ideas are to reduce the amount of traffic, but does this work in reality?
For the Diageo site you ‘have’ to put in infrastructure, its unavoidable
The Kilkenny Ring Road [without CAS] represents a decent compromise between heritage preservation and the needs of Kilkenny's residents and commuters.
Give the outer ring a chance to make an improvement first.
Too much of Kilkenny's architectural heritage has already been sacrificed in the name of 'progress'. So, it is imperative that this decision is reversed.
That unjustifiable central access road would slice off part of the historical city. Those two parts of town need bringing together, the very opposite of what's planned.
Historic towns and buildings need traffic taken away from them, not through them - and town-centre users and visitors will benefit from less vehicular pollution.
We've got to stop catering for traffic and start managing it.
Kilkenny's present road system forces dangerous levels of commercial and commuter traffic through residential areas passing 6 schools, 3 hospitals and 5 churches. The Ring Road will solve this, the CAS will make it worse.
[The CAS] would cut down the traffic congestion over all in the town.
There has not been a detailed discussion. This is a failure of the planning process, a failure to properly engage the public.
The first house my parents ever bought, the house my older brother and sister grew up is going to be destroyed. There are personal histories being lost as well as national medieval history which we should be protecting.
The infrastructure can’t handle the current traffic. Kilkenny cannot live in the past. We need to move forward.
The ring road is a really important piece of infrastructure which should be built, but that does not replace the need for green bridge to be replaced. It needs to be replaced.
Too much of our ancient heritage has been sacrificed for short term goals which will in 20-30 years time be seen for what they are - cultural vandalism
Awareness of the project(s) is a big problem, e.g. Part 8 process, Statutory Notifications etc. People dont see them and dont understand the process.
The integrity of the urban heritage of Kilkenny is too important to be irreversibly damaged by the Central Access Scheme as presently planned.


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